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Center for Distance and Online Education (CDOE)
Jagan Nath University, Jaipur

Center for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA)

Overview :

Center for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA) was formed in school of Distance Learning, Jagannath University, Jaipur on 51h September, 2017 for the purpose of maintaining quality in the services provided to learners and to ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of School of Distance Learning.

For this purpose following annual plan is prepared and CIQA ensures the effective implementation of these points on time:

  • It is decided to take feedback from learners, employers and other stakeholders for quality related issues on regular interval of time.
  • It is decided to suggest restructuring of program in order to create better employability in learners for industry.
  • It is decided to encourage system based research to bring better qualitative changes in the entire system.
  • It is decided to make improved policies for program development methodology and program delivery mechanism.
  • It is decided to promote more effective teaching methodology through Digital Platform.

Objective :

The objective of Centre for Internal Quality Assurance is to develop and put in place a comprehensive and dynamic internal quality assurance system to ensure that programmes offered by Jagannath university, SDLOE in the Open and Distance Learning mode and Online mode are of acceptable quality and further improved on continuous basis.

Functions :

The functions of Centre for Internal Quality Assurance would, inter alia, include the following, namely :

  • To maintain quality in the services provided to the learners.
  • To undertake self-evaluative and reflective exercises for continual quality improvement.
  • To devise mechanism to ensure that the quality of Open and Distance Learning programmes and Online programmes matches with the quality of relevant programmes in conventional mode.
  • To devise mechanisms for interaction with and obtaining feedback from all stakeholders namely, learners, teachers, staff, parents, society, employers, and Government for quality improvement.
  • To suggest measures to the authorities of Higher Educational Institution for qualitative improvement.
  • To facilitate the implementation of its recommendations through periodic reviews.
  • To ensure that Programme Project Report for each programme is according to the norms and guidelines prescribed by the Commission and its implementation.
  • To maintain are cord of Annual Plans and Annual Reports of Higher Educational Institution, review them periodically and generate actionable reports.
  • To provide inputs to the Higher Educational Institution for restructuring of programmes in order to make them relevant to the job market.
  • To facilitate system based research on ways of creating learner centric environment and to bring about qualitative change in the entire system.

Members :

Minutes :

S. No. Minutes of Meetings Date Details
1 7th Meeting of CIQA February 15, 2023 View
2 6th Meeting of CIQA September 22, 2022 View

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